Unrivaled Heating and Cooling Services in Rhode Island

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Your comfort is our objective at American Home Heating & AC. We take pride in offering state-of-the-art heating and cooling solutions for Rhode Island residents, setting us apart as leaders in our field. Our competitive advantages lie in our comprehensive selection of services, including heating repair in East Providence, RI and Johnston, RI, and furnace replacement in Cranston, RI and Lincoln, RI.

There are numerous reasons why we’re your number one choice for heating and AC services. For starters, our highly experienced team can efficiently handle heating repair in East Providence and Johnston. Our knowledge and proficiency ensure that all your heating problems are solved promptly, guaranteeing long-term functionality.

When it comes to furnace replacement tasks in Cranston and Lincoln, we stand unrivaled. Our value-driven services include systematically eliminating old, dysfunctional furnaces and installing new units that offer improved efficiency, comfort, and safety. Any home can become a cozy haven during the winter months with our furnace replacement service.

Our services aren’t limited to the cold season. We extend our expertise to handling tasks needed in the summer. Whether it is AC repair or maintenance across the East Greenwich region, our team is well versed in ensuring your home is cool and inviting.

What further sets us apart is our solution to heating and cooling in Warwick, RI. We offer a well-rounded strategy, providing both repair and installation, making sure all our customers are catered for throughout the year.

As American Home Heating & AC, we’re not just about fixing and replacing equipment. We’re about ensuring that your home’s heating and cooling work flawlessly, enhancing your home’s comfort and value. Trust us to help you achieve the perfect home environment, browser our website, and schedule a service visit today.