The Cold (and Hot!) Truth about Family Heating & Air

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Picture yourself coming home on an intensely sweltering day in Pensacola, FL; only to be greeted by a broken air conditioner. Or perhaps, imagine a biting cold night in Biloxi, without a functioning furnace. No matter how you slice it – it feels like you’re living out a scene from the modern adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities!

Enter Family Heating & Air – your AC-Zorro or Furnace-Fix-it Felix! Whether it’s a simple spot of AC Service or the daunting task of a full-scale Air Conditioner Installation, we’ve got your covered. And if you’re in West Pensacola, Brent or even as far as Ocean Springs, MS, the crew whizzes right over to warm up (or cool down) your day.

Still using that dinosaur-era furnace? Time for a breezy Furnace Installation! From the city buzz of Biloxi to the tranquil suburbs of Pace, FL, there’s no HVAC challenge too big, or temperature too hot (or cold), that Family Heating & Air can’t handle.

So, come rain, shine or an impromptu snowstorm, cast aside your HVAC woes, and call on the heroes of heating. Believe us, it’s never too late to give your home the temperature TLC it deserves!