A Day in the Life at Upstate Decks

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A Beautiful Morning in Upstate New York

My day begins bright and early with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and an exciting day ahead. I am an employee at Upstate Decks, where we take pride in being the go-to company for deck services near me in Chatham, Stockport, Kinderhook, Hudson, Ghent, and Catskill in New York. We bring a fresh spark to each day with exceptional deck design and deck replacement services.

Planning The Day

At Upstate Decks, every project begins with a comprehensive plan. Today’s first assignment is deck design for a client from Hudson, NY. Our collaborative design process aims to create not only a functional deck but also aesthetically pleasing outdoor living spaces. I pack my gear and head to the client’s location, armed with my sketchpad, measuring tape, and design tools. No job is too big or complex for our seasoned team of professionals.

Deck Services & Deck Repair

After the design phase, we set our team to work on servicing and repairs. Today’s afternoon is packed with a deck replacement project in Kinderhook. We replace decks that have aged or become damaged over the years. Our team puts in extra effort to ensure that the new deck matches the customer’s overall landscape.

In between jobs

Every day brings forth unexpected challenges. A call for deck repair in Catskill, NY pops up around midday, and we divert our resources to handle it. By offering prompt and top-notch deck services, we have become the trusted source for deck repair across various New York towns.

Wrapping up the Day

As evening draws close, my day winds down, but the satisfaction from our projects fuels the excitement for another thrilling day to come. Working at Upstate Decks has given me a rewarding career in enhancing outdoor living spaces in our lovely towns of Chatham, Stockport, Kinderhook, Hudson, Ghent, and Catskill, NY.

To all New Yorkers looking to elevate their spaces with high-quality deck services, Upstate Decks is always at your service. Get a significant transformation today with Upstate Decks.